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Institutional Commitment

A positive attitude toward your college or university

Students enroll in college for lots of different reasons. According to a recent national survey, the vast majority of students enroll in college to get a better job or ensure future financial success.


While you may be focused on your current classes, your major, and - eventually - that job, don’t forget that your college or university is here to help. College provides a host of benefits beyond just getting a degree. Make sure to ask, pursue, and enjoy those opportunities while you can.

I'm going to college. I don't care if it ruins my career. 
I'd rather be smart than a movie star.

Natalie Portman

How can I improve my Institutional Commitment?

Resources at NCCU

  • Talking with your advisor and make sure you've got a good game plan for your enrollment here. If you're not excited about how this institution fits into your plans, your advisor can help.

  • Ask about a “peer mentor.” These are students just like you who have persisted, been successful, and can share what it’s like to overcome the initial hurdles of college.

  • The Division of Student Affairs strives to lead in offering comprehensive and innovative co-curricular experiences that enhance student development.

  • With a multitude of clubs, organizations, and activitiesyour school offers abundant opportunities to get involved. Joining one not only fosters friendships but also deepens your engagement in the campus community. They also look good on your résumé!

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